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Bike Milk is recommended by elite racers, weekend warriors, mechanics and the best bike shops as their preferred dry film chain lube.

The advanced formulation has a triple action CLEAN-LUBE-PROTECT which means the drivetrain runs very clean and quiet in both wet and dry conditions. åÊ

Bike Milk is better than other dry film chain lubes because:

  • Has excellent penetrating-cleaning-degreasing properties to remove grime buildup and assist lube flow thoroughout moving chain parts.
  • After film formation the chain stays exceptionally clean without greasy,åÊsticky, wet residue to attractåÊdust onto theåÊdrivetrain surfaces.åÊ
  • Dry film coating means no wet residue buildup which canåÊrub offåÊto leaveåÊdark "grease" stains.
  • Leaves a protective film on the crucially important internal contact surfaces of the chain between rollers, bushings, pinsåÊand plates.
  • Employs a "RESERVOIR EFFECT" to deliver lube into moving parts as you ride.
  • Perfect drivetrain lubricant for hot dusty rides (e.g. MTB) or in beach/sand conditions lasting under 4 hours.
  • Mix in any ratio with BIKE CREAM (durable-wet-fluid) to makeåÊcustomised lubricant BIKE MIX e.g. 1:4 Bike Cream:Bike Milk for endurance MTB events.
  • Great value for money (175ml pack) which lasts longer.
  • Also available in economical 900ml workshop pack.
  • Proudly created and made in Australia.

LIMITATIONS: Failure to effectively degrease, cleanåÊandåÊdryåÊthe chain prior to applying Bike Milk will compromise theåÊbonding of the dry film lubricant onto the metal surface.åÊ The lubricant will not last as long in this situation.åÊåÊWhenåÊriding in warm dry dusty conditions for longer than 4hr or when re-applying lubricant immediately before or during an endurance event the best lubricant option isåÊBike MixåÊ(1:4 mixture of Bike Cream and Bike Milk). åÊInåÊsome conditions Ride Mechanic Bike Cream (durable-wet-fluid) is theåÊbest lubricant i.e. endurance road riding for high power output riders; road commuters wanting 400km+ between lube applications; road riders who want the convenience of applying immediately pre-ride; ridingåÊinåÊvery coldåÊconditions where dust levels are low e.g. snow conditions.

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