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Built Purely for Bicycles
The Muc-Off Bicycle Pressure Washer Kit is ideal for cleaning your bicycle, after sludging through wet weather and dirty trails. This high-pressure cleaner is intended for occasional use and features a quick connect trigger gun, 5mtr power lead, Muc-Off have designed and tooled specific lances to ensure their Pressure Washer will not damage all those important bearings and surfaces.

Snow Foam Lance
To go alongside the pressure washer, they have designed a specific low-pressure snow foam lance that won’t damage any delicate parts but transforms your bottle of Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner into thick snow foam for the ultimate and efficient deep clean.

Pressure Washer Bag
The custom waterproof dry bag carry case is designed to easily store the Muc-Off Pressure Washer and keep available peripherals within easy reach and safe from tripping over in your garage!

Proper Use
• Operate the pressure washer at pressure rated for the washer
• Never run the pressure washer without a water supply
• Running the unit without a water supply will cause irreparable damage
• Make sure that the water is clean and pure from any dirt and chemicals
• NEVER move the unit by pulling on the hose
• Use the handle provided on the top of the unit

Important Safety Tips
• Never point the pressure nozzle at people or animals
• Never drink alcohol or use drugs while operating the pressure washer
• Never operate the pressure washer while standing in water
• Never touch the electrical plug with wet hands
• Never let electrical connections rest in water
• Never operate pressure washer without the water turned on
• Never use hot water with this pressure washer

Pressure Washer
• Motor Power: 1200W
• Volt/Freq: 220-240V~50/60Hz
• Motor Type: Carbon brush motor
• Rated Pressure: 70 bar
• Permissible Pressure: 100 bar
• Max. Inlet Water Pressure: 1.2 MPa
• Rated Flow: 5.5L/min
• Max. Flow: 6.5L/min
• Max. Water Temperature: 50°C
• Water Protection Class: IPX5
• N.W. / G/W.: 5.5/6.2 kgs
• Carton Size: 290 × 265 × 413mm
• Power Lead Length: 5M
• Mains Power and Water supply required
• Intended for use with COLD WATER ONLY
• Do not use hot water in this pressure washer

Dry Bag
• 30L capacity
• Waterproof PVC construction
• Heavy duty grab handles
• Front storage pocket
• Rear and side accessory nets

Muc-Off Bicycle Bundle Includes
• Pressure Washer
• Pressure Washer Bag
• Snow Foam Lance
• Bicycle Lance
• Motorcycle Lance Pictured on Box is NOT INCUDED

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