Muc-Off eBike Ultra Corrosion Defence - 485ml

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Long term protection! Introducing the ultimate protection for bike batteries and components.

eBike Ultra Corrosion Defence uses state of the art anti-corrosion additives and inhibitors to provide class-leading protection against corrosion. It even works on surfaces that already have rust and corrosion... it simply stops rust in its tracks! It drives out moisture and leaves a protective anticorrosive layer on your bike’s frame, battery casing, battery terminals, metal parts, plastics and paintwork to keep the harmful effects of moisture at bay.


Penetrates and protects
Non-drying film
Rust preventing/anti-corrosion
Ideal for protecting battery terminals and casings
Resistant to hot, cold and salt water
Dissolves rust
Protection lasts up to 12 months
Easy to apply! Comes with our ‘Genius Straw’
For use after washing to drive out excess water.
Note: Mask braking surfaces before application

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