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Qualitative biodegradable multisports drinking bottle, 500 ml

Product description for Maloja EVERGREENM. BOTTLE 500 ML, Moss Hydration Systems Unisex

The EvergreenM. by MALOJA is a multisports bottle with mountain print.

With this water bottle everyone is doing a valuable contribution to environmental protection, because the EvergreenM. by MALOJA is made of 20% recycled plastic and is 100% recycable. With the large opening the bottle is easy to fill and clean.

  • "Soul in the Woods"

That was the title of the first MALOJA collection in 2004 and now forms the annual theme for the 17th collection in 2021. This phrase has accompanied MALOJA for over 15 years - it has become the slogan and the guiding principle of their actions.

For "Soul in the Woods", MALOJA has intensively studied forests and the life together there. On closer inspection, the theme tells of the "soul" of the forests and of the cooperation, solidarity and wisdom of the trees, their finely interwoven social system and a world in which the individual potential of each contributes to the well-being of all.

A vivid community is more relevant than ever in 2021. Perhaps we should take the "soul" of the forests as an example: sticking together, standing up for each other, growing together.

  • Bio-Bottle: Biodegradable plastics are a modern necessity for our ever-endangered environment. Therefore Tacx Bottle Promotions has taken on the challenge to manufacture an environmentally friendly bottle called 'The Bio-Bottle'. It is biodegradable, but yet maintains the same appearance and physical performance as other models. The bottle is made of at least 20% post industrial recycled plastic, PE and revolutionary Master batch additive which makes the PE biodegradable.
  • Food approved
  • Free of BPA and phthalates
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable plastic
  • 20% post industrial recycled plastic
  • Easy to squeeze
  • Large opening, easy to clean
  • Allround Print
  • Volume: 500 ml

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