Krush Pro Bike Care Detailing Mountain Bike Bucket

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KRUSH Foaming Rapid Wash is the perfect alternative to hard-core bucket washing.

Based on the same high-strength biodegradable formula as our flagship KRUSH Premium Bike Wash, KRUSH Foaming Rapid Wash will cut through dirt, mud and road grime with ease, leaving your bike with that fresh KRUSH clean that you have come to love from our premium range of bike care products.

Safe to use on alloy, carbon, rubber, metal, plastic and all bike surfaces.

Available in a 1 litre spray bottle and rechargeable with 40ml of KRUSH Premium Bike Wash and water. KRUSH Foaming Rapid Wash is the perfect addition to your KRUSH cleaning system.



STEP 1: Hose loose dirt and mud from bike.

Step 2: Spray bike down using KRUSH Foaming Rapid Wash.

Step 3: Leave for a minute to allow rapid foaming action. Use a clean sponge or brush to agitate stubborn dirt and road grime.

Step 4: Rinse bike down thoroughly.

Step 5: To degrease chains and drivetrain apply KRUSH Premium Bike Wash directly to the chain area and scrub with a stiff bristle cleaning brush.

Step 6: Once bike has been totally hosed down and is clean from dirt and grime, apply KRUSH After Wash Bike Spray as directed.

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Customer Reviews

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Nathan H
Awesome- Krush Pro Bike Care Detailing Mountain Bike Bucket

Awesome cleaning products, thanks Krush. It's been so long i forgot the chain and rear sprockets weren't black but shiny silver.

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