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These Extra Chunky MTB Silicone grips are the thicker version of the Chunky grip which results in maximum shock absorption. ESI's silicone grips and end caps do not contain any natural rubber or natural latex in their components or ingredients. These race proven lightweight grips are used by cyclists around the world - from every day riders to Olympians. The best materials and the best production processes creates maximum shock absorption and grip while maintaining the lowest possible weight and the highest level of durability. No tread patterns or logos needed! Silicone has a memory; with ESI grips you will create a custom mould of your hand for a no slip ride every time. the Drift Bikes Grip of choice for endurance MTB.

To clean handle bars press in bar plug and using rubbing alcohol or window cleaner, wet bar and inside of grip. Pull grip onto bar from opposite side. Let dry for 24 hours. You can cut E grips with sharp scissors, utility knife, pipe cutter etc. Hold next to your bar and cut leaving an extra 1/8" in length. (ESI recommend the chunky style for a smooth transition from your grips shift). Wash your grips when you wash your bike or when they have lost their tacky feel. Since they are non-porous, residue will not be absorbed into your grip. To clean it off you can use rubbing alcohol, cleaner or acetone!
‰ۢ Wet or dry your hands stay put!
‰ۢ Slip-proof yet not sticky!
‰ۢ Comfortable
‰ۢ Non-porous
‰ۢ Will not harden or fade
‰ۢ No glue - these grips will not throttle
‰ۢ Withstands severe temperatures
‰ۢ Washable
‰ۢ Latex free
‰ۢ Install/remove with rubbing alcohol- window cleaner- compressed air
‰ۢ Weight: 80g
‰ۢ Standard Grip Length: 5 1/8"
‰ۢ Installed Diameter: 34mm
‰ۢ Includes 1 Set of Bar Plugs

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