FOX 2022 Factory DHX2 Metric Coil Shock

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FOX 2022 Factory DHX2 Metric Coil Shock

If you love nothing more than descending and want ultimate bump absorption - this is the shock you need!

Featuring an entirely new chassis and damper, the 2021 DHX2 has had a whole bunch of updates to the internals to make it smoother, more tunable, and with better end-stroke control via the new progressive MCU bottom-out bumper.

It's also easier to install on even more frame designs thanks to a more compact piggyback reservoir.

Who is this for: This is for riders that love nothing more than descending and want the ultimate in traction and predictable suspension performance. It's best suited for use on DH sleds and hard-hitting Enduro bikes.

Spring type: This is a coil spring shock. 2021 models have detents on the spring collar to prevent loosening under light preload conditions

Compression damper adjustments:

  • HSC: 8 clicks
  • LSC: 16 clicks
  • Optional 2-position Open/Firm lever (retains high and low-speed compression adjustment)

Rebound damper technologies: 2021 sees improved high-speed rebound tunability via the addition of VVC (Variable Valve Control)

Rebound damper adjustments:

  • HSR (with VVC): 8 clicks
  • LSC 16 clicks

Pros: Huge potential for tuning with HSC/LSC and HSR/LSR. Coil shocks offer excellent traction, small bump sensitivity, and predictable performance that is unaffected by changes in weather or altitude.

Cons: More adjustment means more potential to totally mess things up. Coil shocks have a small weight penalty compared to air shocks.

Please note: The DHX 2 is supplied WITHOUT spring and WITHOUT hardware

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