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The multi purpose, good for everything and anything strap from Back Country Research. 

Whether your doing marathon rides, bike packing, or just out for an epic adventure, you always need some extra storage space. The Super 8 Top Tube Mount has you covered. Want a store a set of arm warmers in there after the chilly morning air has gone, It'll handle it. Want to store a sneaky beer on your top tube in case of an emergency? Super 8 has you covered. A vest, a cap, light batteries, spray jackets, a spare tube, a flask, your smart phone? it'll hold them without an issue. The options are limitless! It's made to be left on the bike, with it's self adjusting shock cords you can access or store your gear on the fly. The 1.5 inch (38mm) Hypalon strap is low profile and keeps out of the way. 

There is 2 sets of shock cords, small and large, just select the size that will yield the tightest fit. Pull them up an over the object you want to store and you're away. 

To mount up your smart phone, just pull the small shock cords up and over your phone. The back or your phone wil sit onto the large rubberised shock cords protecting both phone and frame.

The Super 8 will fit up to a 8" (200mm) circumference tube.

The thickly sliced Hypalon used in constructing these bad boys makes for a virtulally indestructible strap. Bartacks are stitched into the ends of each of the shockcords stress points with #92 Industrial Polyester thread.

To clean, just hose it down or throw it in the wash. It's handmade in the USA.