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New Specialized Women’s Power Saddle with MIMIC

New Specialized Women’s Power Saddle with MIMIC
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Specialized has this week released a new women’s specific saddle. Drift Bikes Ambassador Laura Renshaw has been test riding the new saddle and shared her thoughts of the newest technology from Specialized.

Having had a run of saddle changes in the past few months, my ears certainly pricked up when I heard about a new Women’s Specific saddle from Specialized. If it's one company that seems to get it right and actually have women’s specific stuff that WORKS – its Specialized. 

My go to saddle for MTB and Road has always been the Phenom, I had tried the original power saddle and after a few months ended up reverting to my Phenom for the longer hours in the saddle on the road bike. Having never actually felt comfortable on any saddle on the road bike, it comes as a relief to be able to review a product I’m happy to recommend and keep on my bike. 

The Mimic took a little setting up on the bike as it’s different dimensions to my current saddle. Once set up correctly I seem to be correctly sitting on the “sit bones” and also not experiencing any numbness/pain after rides. Reading into how the saddle is designed it offers a better understanding of how it works and the reasoning behind the design choices. The longest ride I have tested the saddle on has been 3.5 hours and I can say I’m impressed, this one is a keeper. 

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