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The results are in and as you will see the testimonials definitely showcase the benefits of a focused approach to your health and fitness. Check out what some of the participants had to say about their results at the end of the DRIFT BIKES 30 DAY HEALTH CHALLENGE. If you would like to know more about the nutrition system we used for our health challenge you can visit Robbie instore at Drift Bikes or contact

 Warning!! This article contains nipples #freethenipple

To begin with we had Robbie under go the health challenge. This is what he had to say -
Much lighter isn’t faster. A little lighter and much stronger is faster.
Straight up, thank you to every single person who sent me encouragement whether it be via email, Facebook, a quick chat instore or even a simple “Like” on one of my Instagram posts over the last month. It is the feeling of accountability not only to myself but to you as well that has helped me throw myself at this challenge like nothing before.
My 30 Day Health Challenge had three main objectives:
1: Drop my overall weight by reducing fat and gaining lean muscle
2: Improve my energy levels for a better approach to my business and my family
3: Markedly improve my fitness to maximise my enjoyment on the bike.
And the best part is, I achieved all three. But perhaps the best thing aside from achieving my goals was that by putting this out there for everyone to see, I held myself accountable more than ever before and the increased drive and success I have had in 30 days is beyond any achievement I have ever experienced with respect to my health and fitness.
My 30 Day Health Challenge revolved around the following:
A nutritional cleansing system called Isagenix
A commitment to exercise
Abstaining from alcohol and coffee
Avoiding processed foods and preservatives
Attempting to make my meals from whole foods as much as possible.
I have used Isagenix for over 5 years, and whilst having noticed benefits from implementing it into my diet throughout that time whether it be through nutritional cleansing or simple meal replacement, I have never taken it as seriously as the last 30 days and never have I noticed such a rapid turnaround in my health and fitness.
A bit of background for you…
With little respect for my nutrition my weight hovers in the low 90’s. With regular exercise and attempting to eat healthy I can sit below 90 but cannot go below 85 without significant increases in exercise which have consistently lead to burnout.
So what’s the difference? The difference in my humble opinion is NUTRITION.
Isagenix is not a diet, it’s food. They consider it to be the highest quality, most absorbable nutrition around. What Isagenix is to me is a simplified, convenient and affordable system to guarantee that your body gets what it needs in order to fuel up, recover and maintain optimal health whilst also encouraging healthy clean eating.  Perfect for you Paleo disciples!
My belief that it was the nutrition system I used that delivered the results is based on a couple of things:
* I rode an identical number of hours for the same month as I did for the same month in the previous year, but with vastly improved results.
* What I did change was how committed I was to putting the right nutrients into my body before and after exercise.  Previously with Isagenix I did not take on additional supplements post exercise and believe the result was that I effectively wasted muscle where I could have been building it! I saw much more rapid weight loss but never before have I seen this level of tone in my body nor improvement on my bike.
I found that much lighter wasn't necessarily faster. A little lighter and much faster.
* And for me to truly believe, my before and after photos and measurements were the proof that I have found my groove for the nutrition to accompany my exercise and day to day life. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything, for the experience of well being and energy that literally overwhelmed me was enough to keep going.
My 30 Day results were as follows:
A 2.1kg loss on the scales, with a 25cm overall reduction in my chest, abdomen and stomach!
Using a Function Threshold Power test at the start of the challenge and re testing towards the end of the 30 days I saw a 5.8% increase in power resulting in an 8.4% increase in my power to weight when factoring in my weight loss.
And last but not least a 2cm circumference growth in each of my quads. Vanity!
* But perhaps the best part about the 30 day cleanse was that I wasn’t alone.
Some new people and not so new people to Drift Bikes also embarked on the journey and between us, not only did we nail our goals but we felt renewed enough to continue into a second 30 days with a new ultimate goal of seeing exactly where we can take it within a 90 day cycle.
Health can be an addiction and something to push for every single day, for when its not there you long for it like nothing else.
I am stoked to share journey along with the others brave enough to try something new and if anyone is interested and wants to know more, call, email or come and visit me at Drift for more info.
Ride on.

Adrian M.’s 30 Day Challenge Experience:
Awesome Dad. Professional trail builder. Owner of Synergy Trails. Mountain biker. New lease on life.
I’ve been pursuing my passion for trail building for close to six years now, having left my carpentry career after feeling my life was wasting away with the daily grind of what society calls a ‘normal life’. As I used to work constantly, sometimes seven day weeks, I did not know my kids and did not know what enjoyment was anymore. I was well overweight due to lack of time I put aside for myself, so nearing the middle age crisis point I decided to take up mountain biking.
After a major accident at the peak of my fitness, then a messy divorce, I was back overweight and feeling I still lacked something. The goal was clear but the pathway to get there was blurry and messed up, sometimes looking hopeless. I literally had no more to give no matter what I tried; energy drinks, fast crash diets, whatever was getting shoved down my throat from advertising and media was just useless. I stopped riding and didn’t even want to ride just worked.
It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Isagenix program by Alana and Robbie at Drift Bikes that the change happened.
Within week one of the 30 Day Health Challenge, I had noticed considerable change within me. Physically, emotionally and even mentally, I felt I had the power and clarity to reach my goals. The scales have shifted 9 kgs and I am at my goal weight. I have strengthened my broken body again; I sleep better and perform daily duties with ease and even getting through more in a day than I planned too. I am recovering quicker from workouts and injuries. My moods have gone from “Oh No, not more problems” to “Oh wow, that was easily solved – done what’s next?”.
Now I am excited to get on with life and my goals are becoming closer each day in the first 30 days I decided to get up and move towards my all time dream of building a private Mountain Bike Park here in Sydney. Guess what….. It’s happening! Yew. You are already halfway there- if you’re already thinking something else is out there for me and I need to be doing better but just can’t think of how or where you’ll get the energy from, believe me, Isagenix is worth a go.

My 30 Day results were as follows:

A combination of sensible changes to my nutritional habits, combined with an increase in physical exercise gave me a 9kg loss on the scales, with a 17cm overall reduction in my diaphragm, waist, abdomen, buttocks and upper thighs.

I saw an increase of muscle diameter in my upper arms and chest.
“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction”. - JFK

Alana McNaughton’s 30 Day Challenge Results:

Couldn’t help myself… I got a kick-start on the health challenge and started really focusing on my nutrition in early January. I realised that whilst I was helping others improve their health and fitness, I maybe wasn’t holding myself accountable. I wasn’t exercising much towards the end of 2014 and was being a bit slack. Time to step up! So the results above are the change I’ve achieved over 60 days. The scales have shifted from 61.3kgs to 56.8 kgs, and now I’m building more muscle. Arm wrestle Robbie?

A bit of background for you…

Before I started using Isagenix I was eating clean and exercising every day – doing everything that we are told is “right”. But I was very frustrated with how I felt in my body. I was bloated and lacked energy. So I saw a Nutritionist who recommended nutritional cleansing. I lived in Canada at the time and I thought the idea of nutritional cleansing was a bit out there, but I was so ready to feel better that I would have done anything! As a result of doing that initial cleanse, all the bloating went away and I discovered a level of energy that I had NEVER experienced before! I have now been eating Isagenix for eight years. It’s part of my lifestyle and always will be. Now I’m excited to share it with anyone who wants to get more from their body. Everyone deserves to feel as good as I do.

So in the past couple of months I have been more focussed with my nutrition and started incorporating weight training in the past month. Recovery seems faster and I’m able to smash through workouts now.

Results don’t lie. My energy levels have lifted significantly, which I really love! Can’t wait to share what we achieve in the next 30, 60, 90 days!

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