Damien Enderby - Jet Black Australian 24Hr MTB Champs 6+6 Hour Victory

December 03, 2014

Drift Bikes/ Thule rider, Damien Enderby was invited to join a 3 man team for the 6+6 at the Rocky Trail 24hour race on 29-30th November at Mt Annan Botanical Gardens.

Joining 2 of his fellow racers from the THULE B24 Hour race were they were overall winners, Damien was asked to join the 2 guys sponsored by Wagga Specialized dealer “Kidson’s Cycles”. “Dan and Matt were looking for a 3rd man when they approached me”

Taking the lead on the first lap Dan set up what was to be a start to finish lead. In a close race, they managed to stay ahead of “BH Bicycles” containing former 24hr World Champion Craig Gordon. In the end we won by a lap on 24 laps and 2nd, 3rd and 4th place getters on 23 Laps.

Bike Ridden:                                      Specialized Epic Expert World Cup

Result/Final Position:                       1st Elite 3 Man teams and 2nd Overall. 

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