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Fly6 Tail Light & HD Camera - Exclusive Hunter Valley Dealer

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fly6 tail light camera We are very excited to announce that we are now the Exclusive Hunter Valley Dealer for the new Fly6 all in one Tail Light & HD Camera. Riding on the road leaves many cyclists at the mercy of the motorist whether we like it or not. With the increased use of cameras on bikes these days in the hope of capturing the constant near misses and unfortunately, impacts, as evidence, our bikes have become a mass of gadgetry swinging off bars and seatposts. Fly6 have attempted to reduce the clutter while producing a very functional and stream lined solution with their all in one tail light and camera. fly6-camera-light The Fly6 is not designed to be used as an alternative to an action camera; it's intended to be used as a safety camera. Recording at a constant 720p 30fps the unit is designed to record for a constant 5hrs creating multiple video file written to a micro sd card which is clear enough to pick up an approaching vehicles number plate. Before using the Fly6 you set the date and time by plugging it into a computer for constant time stamping. Then, once it's charged and mounted on your bike, simply turn it on and you're ready to go – a single button turns on the device, and starts the camera. If the Fly6 detects your bike has been tilted at more than a 45 degree angle for longer than three seconds – either from a crash or when you lay your bike down for a break – it goes into shutdown mode. This will make the unit turn itself off one hour later to protect the footage on the card – incase it is needed as evidence. To exit shutdown mode, simply turn the unit off and back on again. The Fly6 also carries an ingress protection rating of 54, meaning it will survive any torrential downpour, and P2i nanotechnology coating makes the device water repellent inside and out. Having already done a series of rides with the Fly6 we are thoroughly impressed with the results.   Capture all those unnecessary risks. Fly6 Initial Set Up Here's a sample of the light in action with subtitles for our Japanese fans!

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