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Stay True - Lismore BMX Jam

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Who needs an excuse to go within a stones throw of Byron Bay and Nimbin? And especially when there was a killer BMX jam hosted by Damon Andrews from Stay True at Lismore Skate Park . The BMX Jam format has become increasingly popular in past years due to it’s relaxed format and it’s ability to represent BMX in a real environment opposed to all the hype and glamor of a competition which greatly detracts from the true meaning and lifestyle of BMX.


Created by the riders for the riders, Stay True Lismore BMX Jam is in its fifth year now and gaining momentum in its growth. It’s a unique event keeping low key and un-advertised it has always attracted a good crowd consisting of like-minded and passionate BMX’ers that are there to “Stay True” and have an enjoyable day on or off their bikes. With weather a concern after the 8 hour drive north in the rain the night before, we were stoked to rock up to a dry park with a solid bunch of riders producing some first class and creative riding. This was helped along with Damon and Rick Flanagan’s handy work, which included a 7’ high wall ride, 2-3 ft ledge rollers   (Hard to explain) and a nice box jump which happened to have a car for a boxJ. There was plenty of prizes being handed out throughout the day for best tricks, creativity and just plain old random hand outs which had all the kids frothing and wanting more. All in all it was a buzz to see everyone enjoying the day and essentially that’s what a stay true jam is all about.  

Huge thanks to Damon and the Lismore crew for making this ride possible.   WORDS & PICTURES: PETE KOH & DAVE MCLAUGHLIN    

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