Holly's Race Report

March 09, 2012

For the first day of the final national series competition, we had a 2km time trial, it was pouring rain and the track had little rivers flowing through it! The rain seemed to work to my advantage and I was able to steal an 18 second win and get the second fastest women's time on the day. The next day was the XCO race, the track was extremely wet and greasy especially on the first hill, luckily the guys at Drift put a Ground Control tyre on my back wheel, which made it way easier to climb up the hill and gave me a good lead from the start. I was able to maintain my lead to the very end and grasp with a 5 minute buffer which was awesome. On the final day was the point to point, the track was quite challenging, I was unable to ride up many fire road climbs. I struggled a fair bit with the race and placed second, luckily I had more then a 5 minute buffer so I was able to win the weekend with time to spare. Over the weekend my S-works epic was awesome and held up the whole weekend without troubles even with the wet weather. For the overall series I was able to place second which was an awesome result, Thanks to the guys at Drift for their support throughout the series, and thank you to my parents for taking me all over the country to race and being super supportive the whole time. - Holly Harris Poor little S-Works

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