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Mountain biking in NSW National Parks

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Mountain biking is a rapidly growing recreational activity in NSW and there is high demand for mountain biking opportunities in the state’s national parks and reserves. Mountain biking gives riders the opportunity to enjoy our national parks, while also learning about park values. But like all activities in national parks, including bushwalking, scenic driving and picnicking, it needs to be well managed. Illegal mountain biking on walking tracks and creation of unauthorised tracks has become a problem in some national parks and reserves. It can be dangerous for riders, result in conflict with other park visitors and cause significant environmental damage. Providing opportunities for legal mountain biking has successfully reduced the unauthorised use of parks in NSW, interstate and internationally. The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is considering a new approach to the management of mountain biking that includes providing mountain biking tracks in a small number of our national parks where the location is suitable, there is strong demand for the activity, and environmental impacts can be managed. Read more here

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