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Specialized Turbo Levo

Specialized Turbo Levo
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Specialized Turbo Levo Australia

This month, I was very lucky to be invited to ride the brand new Specialized Turbo Levo. The Ebike reimagined. The best way I can describe this bike is a Stumpjumper FSR that can drive itself back to the top of the downhill. These things were super fun.


With a battery life of three hours when set at its fastest speed (which I can't say I would ever set any slower) I got in more than enough ride time to satisfy my needs. We rode some extremely challenging descents and quite technical climbs and not once did it feel incapable of either.

Turbo Levo is fast

Specialized Turbo Levo Hero

Turbo Levo Drops

Buzzing up the climbs at a lazy 25kmh limit at times, which is where the motor is capped, was a bizarre feeling which at times did invoke the feeling that maybe I was cheating, in the 'traditional 1950s computer driven bicycles haven't been invented yet' sense of the word. But you know what thought then... who cares!!! Who doesn't want to ride up a hill with next to no effort? I know I do. I'll see the haters pulling into the bar while I'm finishing off the last of my lunch ready to head off for another ride.

Turbo Levo Top Tube

Specialized Turbo Levo Drift Matt Staggs
There are also the cons however, like the reality of batteries going flat and the additional weight but these things aside it didn't stop us riding a tonne of trails all afternoon and having heaps of fun and getting a work out in the process.Not to mention the inclusion of its own corresponding mobile app which allows you to plot your ride to allow it to manage the overall power output to ensure you don't get stranded miles from home. Specialized have thought long and hard about how to set this bike a head of the rest.

Turbo Levo Mobile app

These bikes might not be to everyone's tastes but I would have to say that you'd be struggling not to have fun on one of these bikes. Which, is the most important thing right?! It definitely opens the category up to a broader range of riders and exciting possibilities for the future of mountain biking

- Josh


Enquire in store about how you can get yourself one of these remarkable bikes.


Turbo Levo jump

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