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Social Saturday Bunchies

Social Saturday Bunchies
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Social Saturday Bunchies
NB. Always check our social media or in store regarding commencement and changes to rides. 
Host: Luke Bagley
Distance: 30-40km bunch ride
Start: 7 am
Return: 9 am - 9:30 am
  • Intermediate level for riders who are competent in a bunch.
  • Bunch will stop for mechanicals and flats.
  • Please call out if any issues happen during the ride so other riders are aware and can slow up .
  • Any road furniture / holes or debris needs to be called out and what side of the bunch it's on eg "hole left "
Drift to Fernleigh / Burwood Road / Jewels / Fernleigh / Belmont / Swansea
Return up Redhead Road finishing up at Coffee District for a caffeine boost.

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