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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

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It was so lovely to meet and see so many attentive and enthusiastic women at our womens maintenance workshops over the last few weeks.

What we aim to achieve with these sessions is for everyone to come away with established knowledge and peace of mind in getting through the most common of cycling issues as well as how to keep your bike in top shape, ready for every riding adventure.

We are always continuing to strive to make women's bike riding an exciting and fun experience for any age group. And from the feedback we have received, the nights have been a huge success, so thank you for supporting us at Drift Bikes.

Just a quick quote from one of our attendees:

"It was a fantastic night !! Definitely recommended !! You don't need to be that girl in the group that can't change a tyre when its just so easy when u know how !! This workshop definitely a must do also for basic pre and post ride maintenance care for your bike .. when the most I did was wipe away the dirt !! ? look after your bike the more you'll enjoy the ride !! " - Karen

We envisage to make these nights an ongoing event, so can I direct you to the bottom of the page to find the newsletter sign up . It will be a great way to keep you up to date on such events as this and other local biking news. Keep an eye out for our upcoming level two workshops with the first coming in April. Registration will be up soon so watch your email. 

I am very excited about the new adventures that lay ahead for all of us!!!
Thank you again. And we are looking forward to seeing you out there on the trails and road.

Jo Nelson
Drift Bikes Ambassador




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