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Let Your Legs Do The Suffering - Specialized Power Saddle

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The new Specialized Power saddle was designed for a very simple purpose—to go harder with less discomfort. Many male and female riders, including some of Specialized' professional athletes, complained of discomfort after prolonged periods in their more aggressive and aero positions—most notably while in the drops. After extensive blood-flow testing and pressure mapping, the Body Geometry team concluded that the simple explanation for this had to do with the forward rotation of the pelvis—characteristic while in a more aggressive position. Enter the Power saddle. Taking what they learned with the Sitero and borrowing design elements from the Phenom as well as the cutout and channel from the women’s saddles, the Power saddle keeps you more comfortable when in an aggressive position allowing for optimal power transfer. With a shorter nose and extra-wide, elongated Body Geometry channel, the Power saddle is perfectly designed for proper sit bone support and boasts the best blood-flow of any road saddle in the aero and drops position. This means more power with less fatigue for longer periods of time.

The performance doesn’t just stop with the Body Geometry features either. The base of the saddle features a new carbon and polymer-tech construction. Combining the durability of plastic with the stiffness of carbon has resulted in a saddle that is 20% stronger, 12% stiffer, and 10% lighter—not bad, huh? With equal parts engineered comfort and performance-based construction, the Power saddle is the ideal choice for those that spend more time “on the rivet” then off it.

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