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Andrew Gresham - Killikaze recap

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Pic: Justin Jefferson

"I revisited the mighty Killingworth trails at the base of Mount Sugarloaf for the Killikaze.

This is where i did my first ever MTB race over 12 years ago racing D grade and I barely made it to the finish line, but the XC race bug well and truly bit me that day,

So to return as a 46yr old I got in the best shape possible, with the best bike possible. I had some personal scores to settle and I wanted to finish off 2014 with a good result on a track that was 3 laps of a 10.7km track for "real mountain bikers".

All went according to plan, scores settled, managed to gain 3rd place which was above my expectations given the quality of the field and complete a 1,2,3 for Drift which was playing on my mind during the race, i really didn't want to stuff that result! The SW Epic is truly the best bike i have ever ridden and it rewards you for your efforts.

The best part of the Killikaze for me was to see so many new local riders coming out for a race, the free licence from MTBA and the $10 entry fee was a winner.

It was such a great day to be part of!"


- Andrew

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