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Hunter Life Education Ocsober help kids

Ocsober is all about raising funds so Life Education can teach Aussie kids how to use their own willpower and make safe decisions about drugs and alcohol. OK it took a little bit of convincing and it may cost a bit of money in day passes but so be it if it's to the benefit of Aussie kids. If riding and health will be improved then it's worth every bit of effort. Out of all our staff only Josh was willing to man up to the challenge. Could this be the beginning of a change in habit for him? Will he turn into a grovelling mess and resort to standing in bar doorways smelling the breaths of patrons as they leave. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!

For every donation $25 or more you will receive a 10% discount* on any parts, accessories or clothing at Drift Bikes Kotara.

It's tax deductible so everyone wins!!

Help support the cause here!!!

*Valid until November 15th - one per person.

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