Rockytrail Entertainment Shimano Mtb Grand Prix | Stromlo Forest Park

August 22, 2014


This September we will be heading down to Mt Stromlo Forest Park for round 5 of the Rockytrail Entertainment Shimano Mtb Grand Prix. If you haven't been to one before, Rockytrail would have to run one of the smoothest and most relaxed race events we have been to. A few of us are heading down for this event weekend and if you've ever wanted to cut your teeth on endurance cross country mountain biking Rockytrail offer both 4hr or 7hr options so you can slot into a category which suits your fitness levels.

Another thing this race has going for it is that it is based at the mt Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra which is home to some of the biggest mountain biking events of the year and features a tonne of well designed, fun trails suitable for all types of skill level. Drift Bikes and Rockytrail Entertainment are offering a 10% discount on entry to the Stromlo Forest Park Round. The first 20 people to drop in store and tell us "who piloted the millenium falcon?" and get the secret code.

Check out the details on the Rockytrail Entertainment page

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