Strava Fitness Test Loop

April 03, 2014

Strava Fitness Test Loop With Daylight savings coming to a close we now require everyone that attends the Wednesday night ride to have minimum 1000 lumen light. This is to ensure the best possible visibility and in turn safety whilst riding at night. Another introduction to our weekly rides is a new self regulated fitness assessment. In the interests of keeping the riding group moving at a certain pace, and not leaving anyone behind we have created a Drift Bikes test loop on Strava. By completing this loop in your own time this will indicate that you have sufficient fitness for the intended ride you wish to go on. For the Wednesday night ride the Drift Bikes test loop needs to be completed in under 50 minutes. For the Saturday Morning Wolf Pack the Drift Bikes test loop needs to be completed in under 40 minutes. Please note that the Drift Bikes test loop is not the Wednesday or Saturday morning loop. The test loop is designed to help riders gauge their level of fitness prior to attending one of the rides. The objective behind setting a benchmark time for the test loop is to help insure a reasonably accurate finish time of each ride. We believe the benchmark times to be achievable by many given the right equipment and practice. The Wednesday night ride and the Saturday wolf pack rides are aimed at being regular weekly rides however sometimes life/work just gets in the way of getting on the bike. If you would like to confirm whether the ride is on simply check Facebook for any cancellations or call the store for definite clarification on 0249242600.

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