The Drift Bikes Dirty Christmas Ride

December 11, 2013

Kick off the Christmas celebrations with us on Sunday the 22nd December with our Dirty Christmas MTB ride. The Drift team will all be on board for a 2 hour super loop of Glenrock, starting and finishing at Dixon Park Surf Club, where we will have a complimentary BBQ for attendees as thanks for your support over the twelve months. The laughs and skids should be aplenty, why not let the good times roll with some of your favourite Drift Characters such as ; Mad Az, Hollywood Jack, Creek Feet Pete,  Peep-Hole Wayne, B-Rad, Rattlesnake, Yoshi, Dr Fit and Robbie Mac. Meeting at 3pm at The Dickson Park Surf Club with the aim to return for a BBQ at 5-530pm. Bring your swim trunks and your favourite stubbie holder. Please drop us an email if you intend on coming so we can get an idea of how much food we will need to so that everyone get's there fair share of grits.

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