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Three Sore Monkeys Race Series

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three-sore-monkeys4 On the 9th November a group of handsome well spoken gentlemen, rich in character and manly musk aka "Doogan Society"  met up for the final stage of the “Three Sore Monkeys” race series held in the Bom Bom State Forest. The Three Sore Monkeys series put together by Refusenix Racing, consists of the Jacks Ridge XXX 100 (at Nambucca Heads); Pleasure and Pain (at Bonville) and the G-Bomb 12 hour series finale (at Grafton).   [caption id="attachment_3813" align="alignnone" width="550"] Radical Lights so bright you'll need your sun glasses at night! Radical Lights so bright you'll need your sun glasses at night![/caption]   The G-Bomb took off to a fantastic start before the race began when long-time Doogan Oliver Hoschke managed to pick up the Sponsors prize from Radical Lights (a Podda light for competing in each of the Three Sore Monkey events. three-sore-monkeys7 The G-Bomb lap consisted of an 11km loop of fast flowing singletrack through the Bom Bom State Forest. Almost 200 riders signed up to compete in either the solo or team races over a 6 hour or 12 hour period. The Doogans entered a 3-man team into the 12 hour category with the freshly lit up Oliver Hoschke taking the first lap of the circuit. The race began with a Le Mans style running start to riders bikes, prior to a sprint to the singletrails. three-sore-monkeys2 The early stages of the day were completed in oppressive heat topping nearly 37 degrees throughout the day. Rumours of an oncoming storm circulated throughout the transition area raising hope that some sort relief could be on its way to assist the racers from the heat. three-sore-monkeys1 The rains never arrived, but a mild change helped decrease the temperatures and increase the speed on track. three-sore-monkeys5 As the sun fell below the horizon and the temperatures continued to fall with it, the Doogans pulled out their lights and pulled back some time lost on the leaders during the heat of the day. By the end of the G-Bomb, the Doogans managed to climb into 5th for the hotly contested 3-man team category and placed 7th overall out of 96 teams entered into the race. A massive thanks to Drift Bikes for providing shade throughout the intense heat of the racing; to Refusenix Racing and Radical Lights. three-sore-monkeys6

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