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Body Geometry is Back!

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bg-fit-back Body Geometry is Back! After a brief hiatus Body Geometry is back @ Drift Bikes. We are so stoked to be offering this service once again and to make it even better than before we now have the services of Andrew Novak. Andrew is a sport scientist currently doing his PhD over the next 3 years. We are truly honoured to have such expertise behind not only the Drift Bikes name but also behind our Body Geometry Fit Service. Every single rider can benefit from a Body Geometry fit wether you ride road, or mountain, cycle on the weekends or ride over sugarloaf ten times a week, everyone stands to benefit from being Body Geometry Fit. These are some of the testimonials from Andrews work thus far… "As a regular cyclist I would normally have tended to have the regular fit offered by most other stores and lived with the short comings but after having my Body Geometry Fit I would definitely recommend everyone spend the extra given the thorough and in depth nature of this service. There was only millimeters of adjustment to my personal setup but I now climb much better and can sustain a higher cadence on the flat, so very happy."  - Jason “ Hi Drift crew, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I was with my BG fit last week. Andrew Novak, the Body Geometry Fit Technician, was awesome. He really knows what he is talking about. I went into the fit thinking that it may be above my social/club racing level requirements but I was wrong! I had been suffering from lower back pain and knee pain while riding and after explaining this to Andrew he did all of his adjustments and in doing so found some other problems I didn't realise I had.After putting in some k's this week all I can say is WOW! No more back pain or knee pain and I feel stronger while riding. A big thank you to Drift and Andrew for putting the fun back into my riding.” - Clint “I was introduced into the world of mountain biking through my husband Adam. Like in all good relationships after some time I managed to inherit his old hardtail. After learning the ropes I quite literally fell hard and fast, into love with the bike, snapping the frame in the process. I then passed the second relationship test and inherited another of Adam’s hardtails. I have been riding this bike ever since. The bike was always set up for Adam and I didn't ever feel quite comfortable on it. Many bike rides later it was suggested to me that I try a Body Geometry Fit at Drift Bikes. The Fit technician Andrew Novak and I spent a couple of hours refitting the bike to me. Primarily  we focused on body  proportions and flexibility. We pin pointed some physical inconsistencies and past injuries that were affecting my positioning on the bike. We fitted the bike to the type of riding I was involved in and to my skill level. We also discussed and improved upon the issues that I had noticed myself while riding. The two most notable changes to me were that new positioning alleviated some discomfort and numbing I continually felt  in my feet and improved my posture on the bike, enabling me to have more control and power. I now feel that the bike is mine and that I can give Adam a good run for his money out on the trails.” - Gabrielle Feel free to contact Andrew Direct to make a booking

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