Rouleur & Privateer Magazine Now in Stock

April 11, 2013

rouler-privateer With the churn it out, forgotten by next month attitude of the online newsstand taking firm hold of us, one publisher is slowing time down a little and pouring a little heart and sole into its issues makes its reader want to hold on to their issues with all of their heart for many more years to come. ROULEUR & PRIVATEER collectively offer a timeless journalistic representation of the current road racing and mountain bike freeriding cultures. The photography is first class with such crisp reproduction that you can waste too much time drifting away into some of the landscapes or feeling the adrenalin of the crowd scenes. These books are made to be read and then read again.   Rouleur is a highly acclaimed cycling magazine, issued eight times a year. It brings together leading cycling writers and photographers to convey the essence and imagery of road racing. Rouleur features photography and serious writing celebrating the passion and beauty of the sport and has built a dedicated and valuable following from both discerning cycling fans and the most influential bike riders in the world. The magazine appeals to those who, like us, are passionate about the sport, but don't want to read bike tests and race reports. Instead, the magazine focuses on exquisite photography and writing that really gets under the skin of the great riders and theatres of road racing. PRIVATEER is for mountain bikers who already know the obvious; for riders who have paid their dues in sweat and dust and broken bone, and are irrevocably hooked. We have both magazines in stock now for $25 Each. Rouleur - Issue 37 Privateer - Issue 14  

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