March Strava Challenge

February 22, 2013

Furthering our increased commitment to local mountain biking, we are starting a monthly competition aimed exclusively at STRAVA users.
On the first Tuesday and Saturday of each month, our DRIFT BIKES mountain bike rides will visit a trail destination (other than Glenrock) where we will show you the STRAVA segment challenge for that month.
Starting at Killingworth in March, we will name and fame a particular segment that will be our March STRAVA* challenge.
The fastest recorded time on that segment in March will win a pimpin' DRIFT jersey!
To ensure that Jaroslav Kulhavy doesn't move to Newcastle to earn a new wardrobe, we will select the winning category at random each month (based on weight, age and gender).
Come along to rip up some great riding destinations and challenge yourself for some sweet swag!
*Drift Bikes does not condone the misuse of STRAVA and we encourage trail manners and safe riding at all times, be respectful to all others on the trails! Drift Bikes has the right to disqualify entrants who fail to abide by trail ethics and/or cause harm or abuse to others in the process of setting their time.

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