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Wet Feet & Sideways Sundays

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  Rain, mud, scratches, bruises and 2 pairs of wet riding shoes later. I had some great rides on the weekend.  I headed out onto some of the trails behind maitland, beresfield area which don't get riden as often as Awaba and Glenrock and which can throw slightly more technical obstacles your way due to their unkept nature. Not being afraid to get a little muddy and side ways in the moto and 4x4 ruts proved to also add to the adrenalin and fun. There are plenty of places like this surrounding our suburban landscape be it a few or hundreds of acres of undeveloped or crown land with rugged old fire trails worth exploring. You can usually link up a few different areas with a bit of bitumen in between if you are closer to town but on the out skirts there are areas where you can ride for hours.     Get out and try some new trails. In the event that the weather has been sour for weeks on end and your getting cabin fever from not being able to ride your mountain bike find some local trails aside from our beloved Glenrock and Awaba that aren't as highly susceptible to trail damage in the wet and make that your wet ride location. Find somewhere that you won't damage the trail anymore than moto riders or 4x4 drivers already have and hone in your mtb skills and bring them back to the groomed tracks when its dry and make that groomed trail your slave. Keep an eye on the GTA website and pay attention to their trail notifications. If the trail is marked RED, stay away from the trails until they are all green again, this is your window for adventure. GTA and HMBA spend too much time maintaining these trails for the sake of people thrashing them in the mud. Get your GPS, some aggressive trail tyres, zip lock your phone and ipod in a plastic sandwich bag, pack some extra food, rain jacket and get out and find some back country.   See you on the trails.

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