Stumpjumper FSR - Think Again

October 13, 2011

WHY STUMPJUMPER FSR? In one word: Versatility. Inspired by the great outdoors and a love for mountain biking, these dedicated trail riders want a balanced bike that performs well on everything from steep climbs to flowy singletrack to technical descents. After 30 years, their bike of choice is still the Stumpjumper FSR. Since riding styles are as diverse as the trails they ride, the bike must be lightweight, durable, and stable for efficient climbing and high-speed descending. WHAT: The most successful high-performance suspension system, continually refined since 1993. WHY: Delivers unsurpassed comfort, control, and efficiency, for more energy effort on climbs, more traction on the descent and greater pedalling performance. HOW: Strategic pivot points decouple suspension from drivetrain and braking forces to eliminate bob and squat, creating a fully active, fully independent system. Ride one today!! Ask about trying one of our Test Bikes.

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