2012 Tarmac Range

October 12, 2011

WHY TARMAC? Driven by speed and the thrill of competition, these diehard riders and racers won’t settle for anything less than the lightest, stiffest, and fastest bikes on the road—whatever it takes to secure the win. Whether it’s winning the Tour de France or a city-limit sprint, these athletes ride hard and fast, enjoying every minute they can make the competition (or their friends) suffer. NOTHING IS LIGHTER AND STIFFER SL4 FACT IS 11R CARBON FRAME WHAT: High modulus carbon frame made from our most advanced carbon construction method. WHY: Gives our Tarmac the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio ever—19% greater than last year’s S-Works—which makes for an insanely light and fast bike. HOW: Divides frame into four monocoque sections (plus dropouts)—with carbon fibres running continuously from tube to tube within each section—for more precise optimization of tubes shapes, sizes, and joints. See the current range in store now!

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