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Coffs Harbour Pleasure & Pain 100km

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What a weekend. What a race. In the words of some "racing 100km was possibley the most stupid idea anyone has come up with since 24hr racing, yet we still do it". An immensely  fun track to ride but as the name describes, for every bit of pleasure, there is an equal amount of pain. And fitness was a definite must, as many discovered. Craig Gordon took out the day with an inhumanly fast ride, followed not far behind by Aiden Lefmann who's health was a little touch and go for a little while post race, requiring a little bit of Medical care to bring him out of the Hurt Locker. Quoting later on "this is the last 100km I do" (we'll believe that when we see it) Hat's off go to the following Newy legends: Nicola Hogan taking 2nd place in Elite Women 100km Michael Hogan taking 1st place in 30-39 years Mens 100km Jacquie "Lady Power" Bower taking 1st place in open women's 25km and our very own master of disaster, Robbie McNaughton took the 4th place spot in the 20-29yrs mens 10okm Great event, and very well organised and set race. Beautiful flowy trails with some great obstacles to mix it up a bit and keep you thinking. The track was one that just didn't let up, there was no time for rest, if you weren't swooping through loam grippy berms, or diving down high speed straight line single track, you were hitting log sections, bridges and grueling climbs that had you digging deep for more strength to keep it all going. Can't wait to ride Coffs again soon. keep an eye out for a link to the helmet cam of some of the highlights. J.

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