Latest Custom Fixie

August 03, 2010

This bad boy came in with the first batch of 2011 Subrosa BMX. IT is theSubrosa Maulm Frame and aftermarket Fork and is a dedicated fixie, in other words, you wont be getting brakes on this bad boy. Wheels are a combo of All CIty Track Hubs and Velocity glow in the dark polka dot rims. Ash Grundy colour coded the grips and seat and just for that little bit of extra bling we slid a thomson elite 27.2 seat post into the only hole made available on the frame for it. Chain is a shadow conspiracy halflink. Bike is running Maxxis Refuse tyres for extra wear resistance when skidding. At the moment this bike is being used for bank runs ad the odd witches hat weave. You can take it out of the shop for $1500. go forth....

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