Designed and tested by Santa Cruz, the Palmdale Grips are the new home for your hands onåÊSanta Cruz Bicycles. åÊ

Single lock-ring design with the staying power of dual lock-ring. åÊA taper-lock core uses an internal sleeve that narrows towards the last 38mm (1.5‰۝) of the grip, effectively clamping onto the end of the bar to eliminate twisting.

Flared closed end for comfort, feel and security. åÊ8mm (0.3‰۝) of rubber with a subtle mushroom profile on the tip resists scuffing, provides comfort and adds an intuitive feel for the bar end.åÊ (We also found it adds a healthy dose of forgiveness when clipping trees on tight trails!)

Long grip length and waffle knurl for maximum control. åÊA generous 125mm (4.9‰۝) grip length (excluding lock-ring) allows plenty of room to reposition hands on differing terrain and long rides.åÊ The moto-knurl pattern gives just the right balance of feel and grip in all conditions.