Brand: ION


ION’s flat-pedal shoe Raid Amp comes with an asymmetrical shaft including the Ankle_Pad to add some protection on the crank side. The specific flat-pedal sole called SupTraction Rubber Soul FL (FL for flat pedal) featuring an EVA midsole shows dedicated pedal zones. They extend from the ball of the foot to the very end of the midfoot area. Toe and heel areas are shaped with particular climb zones to ensure maximum traction off the pedal. The second main focus during development has been placed on the right mixture of stiffness in the longitudinal axis and flexibility across the lateral axis: a flat-pedal shoe needs to provide power transmission without any compromises in the longitudinal axis when pedaling. On the lateral axis you need a certain flex to prevent the foot from tilting on the pedal but still allow for effective steering impulses. And all this while maintaining comfortable foot roll behavior. The shaft of the Raid Amp is made from synthetic leather. In the toe area a pre-shaped firm toe box protects the foot when it hits rocks or roots. A two-component insole (2C insole) supports the arch in the midfoot area and adds some extra damping to the heel section. Weight: 400 g per shoe (size 42)


SupTraction_Rubber Soul FL: Newly developed flatpedal sole made from a supersticky rubber for enhanced pedal grip. Designated pedal area in the forefoot region, focus on traction while walking with the profile underneath the toes and the heel.

ToeTal_Protection & Pre-Shaped Heel: Reinforced toe cap to absorb and deviate the forces when hitting a rock or a root. Pre-shaped heel cup for great comfort and precise fit to guarantee superior heel hold.

Ankle_Pad: Extra padding towards the cranks to protect the lower ankles.




Upper: 80% PU, 15% Mesh, 5% TPU Outsole: 30% Rubber, 70% EVA



US men 5 6 6,5 7,5 8 9 10 10,5 11 12 13
UK 4 5 5,5 6,5 7 8 9 9,5 10 11 12
EUR 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47
CM 24 24,5 25,3 26 26,6 27,3 28 28,6 29,3 30 30,6