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Specialized Women

Striving To Get More Women On Bikes

Specialized takes the business of developing products that create confident and happy women riders—whether they are pro, competitive, enthusiast, or beginner—very seriously. Differences are more than just physical. The mindset women have and the rewards they seek from riding their bicycles are unique. Knowing that each woman is different in her own connection to the ride is what sets Specialized Bicycles apart from the others.



Working closely with the Boulder Centre for Sports Medicine, Specialized uses anthropometric testing to scientifically tune their bikes and equipment. They look at everything, including shoes, apparel, bars, and saddles. This research instills the immediate confidence that comes with a perfect fit and optimal function for riders of any size or skill level.



Their goal is simple: find innovative ways to solve real rider’s problems and needs. They use technology to create solutions that improve efficiency and inspire confidence in the ride. By focusing on rider needs, Specialized delivers on the promise of a perfect fit for every size.



Specialized does more than create bikes that women can ride. By looking at the bigger picture, they strive to deliver a cohesive aesthetic that is a perfect visual marriage of rider, bike, and gear. Because when things are designed together—apparel, shoes, helmets and more—you know things will look great together.



Whether it’s through medically designed women’s saddle shapes, suspension spring rates, tube sets, or shoe lasts, Specialized’s women’s products provide a perfect fit and significantly improve efficiency. The combination of increased performance and spot-on styling gives women riders the confidence and power they crave.

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