Kids Bike Exchange & Upgrade Program FAQ

How does the 50% trade-in discount work?

Let’s say you start your child on a Specialized Hotwalk for $199. That means you’ll get $99.50 off your next purchase when you’re ready to upgrade. Trade it in at DRIFT BIKES for a Hotrock 12”, and you’ll get a $229 bike for just $129.50!

Do I need to provide proof of purchase when I want to exchange and upgrade?

Yes. You will need to hold on to your receipt from the purchase of your child’s bike from DRIFT BIKES. Bring the receipt with you when you’re ready to trade-in and upgrade.

Is this offer only for a limited time?

No, this offer is here to stay. Just make sure you hang on to your receipt!

Do I need to buy the first model in the range to be eligible?

No. You can purchase any bike in the Specialized Hotrock or Hotwalk range and as long as your next bike has a bigger wheel size than your original purchase, you will receive the 50% trade-in discount.

Can I receive the 50% trade-in discount on an already discounted bike in the Specialized Hotrock range?

No. The 50% trade-in discount applies to the retail value of the new bike you are purchasing.

Can I still trade my first bike if I bought it at a discount?


Where does my old bike go?

DRIFT BIKES will give every trade-in bike to a local children’s charity, helping underprivileged kids discover the joys of riding and get the opportunity to ride a Specialized bike.

Which charity will my bike go to?

We will be working with a number of local charity organisations to spread the opportunity as far as possible. DRIFT BIKES is committed to supporting organisations that have a key focus on children’s wellbeing. Check on our website for updates.

How do I apply?

There are no application forms to fill out. Just purchase a bike from the Specialized range of kids bikes and hang on to your receipt for when you’re ready to upgrade.

Is there a time limit on trading in against the next bike?

There is no time limit. As long as you have your receipt from your last Specialized Hotrock bike purchase from DRIFT BIKES, you are eligible for the trade-in discount. It doesn't matter if the bike was purchased prior to the commencement of this program and even if you have five kids to pass the bike down to before you require trade in, you can still trade it in 5 or more years from now if you like. But note the bike must be in good working order as we do donate these bikes on to other kids to be able to ride. 

Can I trade my bike in at another Specialized dealer?

No. This is an exclusive offer on Specialized kids bikes through DRIFT BIKES only.

Can I layby my purchase?

You may layby your first bike purchase. Once you start upgrading with the REVOLVE program, bikes bought with the 50% trade-in discount must be paid for in full.

Can DRIFT BIKES store my layby or trade-in bike prior to Christmas?

We will store all layby or fully paid purchases for up to three months from date of deposit or payment.